Warm earthy colors and wooden textures characterize the houses spread over the rolling green acres. Cozy and comfortable, each house is a curious mix of modern amenities and old world charm. Understated furniture complements the décor and the charming patio outside offers sunset/ sunrise views to die for. When you're sipping a cup of coffee, watching the sun or Rain come up, you'll soon realize that "all you need is all you've got."


Your Stay with Comfort

  • Aat Kuthuri

    This cottage is a complete fusion between Bengali and European architecture. Sometimes you would find yourselves at the top of the hill, sometimes at the sea side and sometimes in deep jungle. Rooms are furnished with oak wooden furniture including LED TV, Mini Bar, Split AC, Comforter, Huge Balcony and well decorated attached bathrooms with shower corner inclusive hot water facility.

  • Ohornishi

    Occupancy –Family or Group

    This is a European ranch type Bungalow with huge balcony all around the Bungalow. You may feel it like a tea resort.

    Two huge rooms are furnished with two king beds in each room, AC, LED TV, Comforter, Huge Balcony and well decorated attached bathrooms with hot water facility.

  • Ochin Pakhi

    Occupancy - Double

    Natural Lake view cottage with wild life feel. This is suitable for bachelors and friends.